When it comes to buying or selling a home, often the most important decision you can make is choosing the right real estate agent. That’s why Robert Song takes immense pride in his work and the clients he works with. He does not focus on volume selling, so unfortunately he does not accept all clients.

Robert’s main goal when he represents clients, is to exceed even their wildest expectations of price and service. If he’s representing a seller, his main objective is to break a sales price record. That includes in the timeframe sold, price per square foot, and/or overall total sales price for the neighborhood. If he’s representing a buyer, his main objective is to get the buyers dream property at the best possible price. If it is not a multiple offer situation, his goal becomes to set a record for the lowest price sold comp of that year.

This happens through expert and experienced negotiation techniques he employs for buyers, launching intuitive and effective marketing strategies for properties of the sellers he represents, and his unparalleled client servicing. Going the extra mile is not good enough for Robert Song. He ensures every detail is done right, and done the best.

Robert Song is routinely breaking price per square foot and price sold/purchased records. For a list of all the current records he holds, feel free to call or email for scheduling a face to face appointment. An immense amount of past clients are available for referral as well.

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