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Did You Know?

Digital remains the fastest growing advertising category.

1.9 Billion monthly active users on Facebook

3.5 Billion daily searches on Google

Your potential home buyers are far less likely to be paying attention to a bench ad, a TV ad, a radio ad, or any other type of print ad. They are currently browsing the internet, and it is our job to place your property where they can see it: on their laptop and mobile screens.


On top of his elite marketing strategies, what really sets Robert apart from the “transactional agent” is his unbreakable commitment to his client; that drives what he does and how he does it. While Robert is recognized and awarded every year for ranking among the top agents, you won’t see the “numbers” game from Robert as a selling point. Does it truly matter if he’s sold $200M in real estate if he undersold every property without putting the effort and budget to maximize every single sale for every single client?

Robert personally values each and every client relationship over the transaction itself, and each new relationship formed is a deeply personal one built on trust. Every final selling result is a reflection of how he performed for his client. He doesn’t count how many sellers per year or buyers per year, or how much gross commissions he earns. It’s his extraordinary level of client care, service, and deep rooted commitment to over deliver for each and every client. At the end of the day, the stat that matters to Robert is his ability to reflect on each client and confidently say he did anything and everything to deliver the most value, 100% of the time.




With every listing, Robert Song has an extensive digital marketing campaign to reach the highest number of the RIGHT buyers. Combined with exclusive cutting-edge tools, Robert’s listings spent 11 fewer days on market than the Alameda & Contra Costa county averages, including a 30% higher list price to selling ratio when compared to the Alameda and Contra Costa county average.


Aggresive marketing and re-marketing across the entire digital landscape

Precise demographic targeting

Highly advanced and proactive tracking and measurement analysis


The marketing strategy for your property has to be specific, and targeted to appeal and showcase your home to the RIGHT buyers. Robert Song’s innovative marketing vision is unique to each and every property, but his vision is only effective if executed properly. His in-house marketing team is comprised of designers and producers from acclaimed brands and companies such as Google, Facebook, L’Oreal, and Comedy Central. His team will take the vision, along with their strategic input, and create memorable and impactful branding expressions for your home, creating the emotional connections needed to compel buyers to write strong offers.

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Staging helps turn your home into a showcase. When prospective buyers evaluate your home, their perceived value of it should increase the minute they walk through the door. Proper staging, performed by trusted professionals, will immediately elevate your home’s first impression and create the emotional connection we need to maximize that offer value in the minds of the buyers.


Creating the emotional connection with the perfect buyer may often start online, through print or digital ads. That encounter can be the first impression that either has the buyer feeling underwhelmed, or creating the emotional attachment before the buyers even steps foot in your home. As a proponent of powerful imagery, Robert invests heavily in visuals editors, creative producers, and the industry’s most respected photographers and videographers to capture your home’s finest selling points.

Pre-marketing your home

No one can drive buyer interest and buzz like Robert can with his Coming Soon initiative, which affords prospective buyers and brokers with the right buyers a glimpse of your home before it officially comes on the market.

Using his exclusive Compass Network tool, Robert is able to analyze your property across 350+ parameters to determine similar sold listings, identify the right brokers, and correspond with ideal prospective buyers through a series of email campaigns and targeted outreach.

By creating visibility for your home early on, Robert can begin engaging his network where 2.4x more potential buyers will attend your open house of his Compass Coming Soon listing.

As a verified member of the Top Agent Network, where only one real estate agent in ten qualifies, your home is pre-marketed to other Top Agent Network agents, where in some markets, these 10% of agents do 90% of the transactions. Your home will get exposure to a community of proven agents whose collective experience allows deals to happen quickly, reliably, and sometimes, privately.

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The Exclusive Concierge service can cover the upfront cost of a majority of the selected services that can substantially increase your home’s selling price. From deep-cleaning to cosmetic renovations, we’ll work together to elevate your home’s value and create a tailored plan to maximize its potential on the market. With Robert Song’s experience as a real estate investor and house flipper, he has the expertise necessary to guide you in not only making the right decisions with bids and work, but also to steer you away from the ones that won’t provide the necessary return required to be of any use or value.



Here are a few examples from Robert’s listings throughout the Bay Area showcasing his track record for producing extraordinary results


Cheryl Cir - pleasanton, ca

Robert sold this property for $1,250,000, which represented a near 10% increase over another sale with the same floorplan two months prior. Five months following this sale, a home with the same floorplan sold for $290,000 less than Cheryl Cir.

Pismo ter - fremont, ca

Robert sold this listing for $1,050,000, representing a $100,000 increase over a sale of an identical model just 29 days prior. Another sale of an identical model sold just 10 days after, but for $25,000 less. This goes against the notion that “in an appreciating market, all properties sell for more than the last.”



Mason st - north beach - san francisco, ca

Robert sold this listing for $1,300,000, which represented a $45,000 increase over another unit in the same building, even though that unit was 10% larger in square footage. The sale following Mason in the same building ended up being an identical unit one floor above, yet sold for $150,000.


Longdown Rd - cupertino, ca

Robert sold this listing in 2016 for $1,500,000, representing a $70,000 increase over a previous sale of the same floorplan. In this community of luxury townhouses, despite the influence and market appreciation that Silicon Valley brings, this price record represented a nearly two year record, that would not be broken until the end of 2018.


fioli loop - san ramon, ca

Robert presented the marketing plan for this listing to his clients, who at first were apprehensive about his recommendations to paint, lightly update, and completely re-stage the home. The final selling price represented over a 10% increase in price/square foot, representing a near 75% return on their investment.


Crocus drive - san leandro, ca

Robert sold this listing as the most expensive original condition home in Washington Square’s 40 year history, and is the second most expensive home ever sold there. The marketing behind this property was unique but worked flawlessly for this 39 year old home, generating the most expensive record price for a non-remodeled home.


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